Riding Boots are the Vanilla Footwear of a White Bread Fashion Sense

It is a widely held belief among DC women that the riding boot is a flattering, go-anywhere, evergreen boot. They're easy and look great. You can throw them on in the rain or dress them up. They are versatile and hassle-free.

Your riding boots are a tribal band tattoo. They do not represent any form of authentic self-expression and relegate your personal style to a Lucky magazine subscriber. They're only functional with respect to a specific purpose, and you've never seen a horse outside of the Preakness. I don't wear bowling shoes to the office. I don't show up to lunch in ski boots.

And despite popular opinion, they don't hold up well. They have the marketed effectiveness of a Dyson product and the actual effectiveness of a Dyson product.

I'm not suggesting you follow a fashion guidebook, but the following is evidence that alternatives exist.

Inclement weather


Fair weather

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.22.21 AM


Any weather
High Tops

Fall is upon us and the equestrians are about to ride. Prepare yourself for feral tack.


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